Single / Multi dosing



Single / Multi dosing system

Smooth recipe processing, especially in the food industry, is an     important factor for product quality and production efficiency.
Our metering systems are exclusively designed and quality manufactured at our supplier facility.


The benefits 

1. Time proven technology exclusively from
our own design and manufacturing
2. Fully automatic recipe processing
3. No uncontrolled manually added ingredients
4. Simple, operator-friendly operation
5. Reproducible, consistent product quality
6.Dust-free metering due to closed system design
7. Controlled storage conditions
8.Product-specific adjustments possible
9.Separation of the hygiene area
10.Automatic raw material inventory control


Multi Dosing – Technical data

1.Number of hoppers: 8 (standard), extendable according to customer request
2. Material: Stainless steel 304
3. Capacity: 500 l or 1000 l (standard)
4. Discharge: Automatic / Manual
5. Weighing: Automatic mobile scale; weighing capacity 20 kg
6. Further transport of the weighed ingredients: Automatic / Manual
7.Options/accessories:Venting with filter station etc.


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